City Council Meeting - 7/5/2016

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call

  • Confirmation of Agenda

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Public Comment on Matters Not on the Agenda

  • Presentation by Fire Chief LaClair re Fire Services to La Quinta

  • SilverRock Resort Project Status and Update

    Study Session 1

  • Community Art Event Proposal

    Study Session 2

  • Recess

  • Marketing Strategies for Fiscal Year 2016/17

    Study Session 3

  • Consent Calendar

  • Approve Amendment No. 2 to the Professional Services Agreement with Graphtek Interactive for Fiscal year 2016/17 Digital Marketing Services.

    Business Session 1

  • Approve Amended and Restated Agreement for Contract Legal Services with Rutan and Tucker, LLP.

    Business Session 2

  • Adopt a Resolution for Issuance and Sale of Subordinate Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds (Resolution 2016-029)

    Business Session 3

  • Adopt a Resolution Approving a Bond Expenditure Agreement with the City of La Quinta, the La Quinta Housing Authority, and the Successor Agency to the La Quinta Redevelopment Agency to Facilitate the Expenditure of Excess Bond Proceeds (Resolution 2016-030)

    Business Session 4

  • Departmental Reports

  • Mayor's and Council Members' Items

  • Adjournment

  • Finance Authority Meeting

  • Successor Agency Meeting

  • Housing Authority Meeting