City Council Meeting - 12/1/2015

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call

  • Confirmation of Agenda

  • Closed Session

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Public Comment on Matters Not on the Agenda

  • Proclamation for Retiring Fire Battalion Chief Alex Gregg

    Announcements, Presentations, and Written Communic 1

  • Presentation of Veteran's Day Certificate to Howard Hassett

    Announcements, Presentations, and Written Communic 2

  • Consent Calendar

  • Approve Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Property with the Old Town Artisan Studio

    Business Session 1

  • Introduce for First Reading an Ordinance Adding Chapter 11.98 to the La Quinta Municipal Code for Emergency Access to Gated Communities by Law Enforcement; and Making a Finding of Exemption Under the California Environmental Quality Act

    Business Session 3

  • Select a Mayor Pro Tempore to Serve One Year

    Business Session 4

  • Annual Council Appointments to Serve on Outside Agencies for 2016

    Business Session 5

  • Adopt Resolution Transfering and Accepting Property with the La Quinta Housing Authority

    Business Session 6

  • Receive and File Fiscal year 2014/15 General Fund Year-End Budget Report

    Business Session 7

  • Adopt Resolution Approving Use of Fiscal year 2016/2017 Community Development Block Grant Funds and Authorize City Manager to Submit Applications to Riverside County Economic Development Agency

    Public Hearing 1

  • Cochaella Valley Wind-Up - Saxony Convention Center

    Departmental Reports 4

  • Mayor's and Council Members' Items

  • Adjournment

  • Housing Authority Meeting